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Course Descriptions

Heartsaver First Aid Course
3 hour course 
This course trains you to handle medical emergencies until advanced help arrives. This class meets all OSHA requirements using an easily learned, common sense approach to learning.  First Aid instruction includes an overview of bandaging, bleeding, wounds, choking, shock, seizure, fainting, broken bones, sprains, burns, bites, stings, poison, and temperature-related conditions, to name a few. Can be taken in combination with CPR AED.

Heartsaver Adult & Pediatric & Infant CPR AED Course
2-3 hour course
This course includes adult, child, and infant 1-person rescue CPR with anti-choking procedures, as well as instruction in safety and use of an AED.  This course teaches skills with AHA's research-proven Practice-While-Watching (PWW) technique, which allows instructors to observe the students, provide feedback and guide the students' learning of skills.  This training is suitable for daycare providers, coaches, foster care providers, tattoo artists, teachers, parents, office/warehouse jobs and many more professions.  CPR instruction includes high-quality compressions, airway management, breathing, and how to use a mask. You may elect to be trained for adult rescue, adult/child rescue, or adult/child/infant rescue.  Can be taken in combination with First Aid training.

BLS Provider CPR Course (instructor-led)
3-4 hour course 
This is a certification CPR course for medical professionals and medical students. It includes adult, child, and infant rescue CPR (1 and 2-person), conscious and unconscious, with anti-choking procedures, as well as instruction in safety and use of an AED.  This course provides training with bag mask techniques and rescue breathing and high-quality chest compressions.  This training is suitable for dentists, dental hygienists, physicians, nurses, therapists, lifeguards, EMTs, and medical/dental students.

BLS Renewal Course (instructor-led)

2.75 hour course

The BLS Renewal Course is for current BLS providers who need to renew their BLS skills and BLS Provider course completion card.  We offer this to private group classes.  

Heartcode BLS Blended Learning
1-1/2 hour skills session
Must take and purchase the HeartCode BLS Online, course #15-1400, part 1 through accredited AHA site,  HeartCode BLS uses a variety of eLearning assets such as dramatizations, eSimulations, animations, self-directed learning, and interactive activities to teach students BLS knowledge and skills.  Within 60 days of completing the online portion, students attend a structured BLS Hands-On Session with one of our AHA Instructors. This session focuses on meaningful skills practice  and skills testing.  You must bring in the printed certificate of completion of BLS Heartcode Online part 1. Schedule skills session with our office by calling 541-342-3602 or emailing  Skills sessions are purchased separately.  An AHA BLS Provider course completion card will be issued upon successful completion of both online and hands-on session.​ 

Note: The First Aid course can be scheduled separately of the BLS CPR course or in conjunction with the Heartsaver CPR course. You may elect to register for only one or a combination of the two.

Bloodborne Pathogen Course
1 hour course 

This classroom course teaches employees how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials. This course is designed to meet OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogens training when paired with site-specific instruction.

Instructor Course

CPR Instructor Courses are available through Samaritan Health Services Training Center in Corvallis, OR. Please call 541-768-5116 if interested. 

Private Group Courses
Group courses may take place on-site at your requested local location or at the training facilities of The CPR & First Aid Training Center.  Group courses have a required minimum of 6 students and maximum of 9 students per instructor.  Larger group classes are possible when we bring in additional instructors.  Please call or e-mail for more information.